What is better Guitar Hero or Rockband

Friday, November 21, 2008


This is my sister becky,although she can be a weirdo, and a freak, she's really fun  to be around. It's always the best when she's around. Although she's a usual 14 year old teen, not really wanting to be seen with us, going out all the time, once again not wanting to be seen with us, she will most of the time go every where with my dad and mom and I because the other children are out in college or working or sme other excuse. She is always there to be by my side. 


This is me, yes a little young, a tad wierd, but I get away with it. I am a child of five, the youngest of them all, being th easy target for many things, such as a punching bag for my brothers. I have two brothers and two sisters ranging all the way from 24 to 14, me being 12. I,m really just a kid caring a little to much about school, playing sports 24/7, with a big family!!!!


After coming home every day seeing my mom on the computer I've given in and made my self a blog. She already sucked my Aunt and cousin into it and know it's my turn. I wasn't sure at first but I've done it. i've hope it's as good as my mom say's it is blogging all the time. Maybe I can get better then her at this thing!!!!!!!